why we sell these brands

CRI Located in Blackshear, Georgia the Composite Research campus is home to a modern and environmentally friendly 90,000 square foot production facility. Since 1994 crafted top quality skiff boats, bay boats, center consoles and backwater boats. Through consistent innovation and more features than the other guys, considering affordability while ultimately adding more value. CRI goal is to Build the best boats possible for our customers.

Why Marco Yacht Sales is a CRI Dealer

Using our decades of experience in the industry our goal was to find a medium production manufacturer, family owned.

  • Low/Medium production keeps quality in check

  • Clean, neat, organized in the factory. Visiting the facility touring with the owner... it was a fit.

  • No dealer likes punch lists. When CRI boats arrive we immediately PDI (pre-delivery inspect) the unit. The track record stands. Very few items need correction. In turn this passes on to Marco Yacht Sales customer taking delivery of a punch list free boat.

  • Warranty and parts. Warranty claims are quick (other mfg's after speaking to, reception, fork lift driver, engineers then the red tape) CRI makes it easy one phone call, most parts are on the shelf. Other manufactures requires dealers to get parts from their vendors adding time and confusion purposefully.

  • Innovation and proper engineering. Its all about the boats ride and layout. The center console stepped hulls are fast, efficient and soft. Good layouts and balanced distribution.

Trifecta Pontoons Middlebury, IN. Creating Innovative Product Improvements and a Lifetime of Enjoyment on the Water. At Trifecta, we take great pride in building products that continually exceed our customer’s expectations. Combining superior saltwater construction, quality components and rich comfortable furnishings.

Why Marco Yacht Sales is a Trifecta Dealer

Marco Yacht Sales founder did not EVER expect to be selling pontoon boats. Never interested to do so after seeing what happens to the complete structure in our harsh saltwater conditions UNTIL

We came across Trifecta at a trade show claiming to be a saltwater constructed unit. No WOOD all composite one piece Vixen deck, 50% lighter, faster, stronger, massive understructure and NO ROT.

  • Splash Fins Heavy-duty and welded.

  • Spray Rail They're longer and stronger.

  • Performance Skin Roll formed for better water and air flow to maximize performance and efficiency.

  • Bulk Head Strategically placed bulkheads at vital points in the pontoon provide superior structural integrity.

  • PAD Running Surface There's more on purpose!

  • Lifting Strake Quicker planing for additional maneuverability and smooth ride.

  • Pressurized Pontoon Tubes More Strength, holds shape for quieter and smoother ride.

  • Nose Cone 52" nose cone rather than 48" industry standard increases speed and reduces fuel consumption.